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Released on May 5th, 1997
Label: Amphetamine Reptile

Buzz Osbourne – guitar, vocals
Dale Crover – drums
Mark Deutrom – bass
Katherine Bjelland – additional vocals on They All Must Be Slaughtered
Mac Mann – piano, bells and synthesizer
David Scott Stone – bowed cymbal and oscillators

1. They All Must Be Slaughtered
2. Mombius Hibachi
3. Lovely Butterfly
4. Pitfalls in Serving Warrents
5. Air Breather Deep in the Arms of Morphius
6. Laughing with Lucifer at Satan’s Sideshow
7. How --++--
8. Harry Launder’s Walking Stick Tree
9. Grin
10. In the Freaktose the Bugs Are Dying

The three albums the Melvins released on Atlantic weren’t commercial at all. Stoner Witch was pretty tame but Houdini and Stag especially were pretty fucked up albums. Especially for a major label to release. After being dropped by Atlantic the Melvins recorded this album in less than a week and wrote some of the most anti-commercial sounding music of their careers. It wasn’t a total waste of tape like Prick was but it was defiantly something a major wouldn’t even look at. The closest to “rock” songs are probably Mombius Hibachi and In the Freaktose the Bugs Are Dying, the latter of which is an instrumental. The rest is just totally fucked up but very listenable. They All Must Be Slaughtered and Air Breather in the Arms of Morphius are these two messed up dronish songs that make you wonder if you’re even listening to the same band that recorded Houdini and Bullhead. And then there’s Laughing with Lucifer at Satan’s Sideshow, which pretty much tells you exactly how the Melvins feel about major labels and this time with them. The rest is all really good but I just can’t describe it. Totally different from any other Melvins album but still highly recommended.
Best Song: They All Must Be Slaughtered
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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