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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
The news story I saw said he is the first wrestler to come out. But didn't Orlando Jordan come out as bi-sexual? And didn't Chris Kanyon come out too?
Neither of them came out while they were still under contract to a major promotion. It may have become common knowledge backstage what Kanyon and Jordan's sexual orientation was but they never came out while under contract like Darren Young has done. It's probably not that big of a deal for the people who know Darren as i'm sure they have been aware for a long time he was gay. He's really only coming out to the fans.

Still, it's a big deal as no wrestler who was active in a major promotion has come out publically before. I just hope Vince doesn't decide to push him because of it. But since he's not that talented to begin with, this might be the only thing he can do to leave his mark on the business.

Major respect to Darren for doing this though as wrestling fans can be a very harsh bunch and this can give a lot of idiot fans are reason to harass him.
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