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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
Before Black Sabbath took the stage, Andrew W.K. did some DJ thing that was so utterly boring and forgettable that it's hardly worth talking about. He basically did nothing, and the crowd returned about the same to him. The only time the crowd reacted at all was when he played Dio's "Last in Line" - that elicited a cheer and was easily the highlight of a job that could've been done by an iPod.
What's the point of having someone open for you who has at least four solo albums out, if they're not going to play a single song off any of them and instead are just going to pick previously recorded music by other bands to play out loud? What's the difference between Andrew W.K.'s act and the music played over the P.A. while the crew sets up the Black Sabbath stage? I just don't understand what does he do, just sit on stage while the songs he selects are being played?
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