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Tora Tora Tora
Released in 1995
Label: X-Mas

Dale “Shakes” Crover – drums, backing vocals, gloves
Mark “Grumpy Cowboy” Deutrom – electric bass guitar, backing vocals, hats
King “Asshole Edward” Buzzo – electric guitar, vocals, dirty clothes

1. Live Banter/Revolve
2. Skweetis/With Teeth/White Zombie Ad
3. Night Goat/Specimen
4. Specimen/Concert Warning
5. KISW Interview/Hooch/Queen
6. Johnny Reno Gunfighter/Oven/Goose Freight Train
7. Goggles/Sweet Wily Rollbar
8. Radio Interview/Roadbull

This is a live EP recorded over the course of their 1995 tour with White Zombie (I think). They weren’t happy doing tours like this and I think they just released it to show the lack of crowd reaction. There’s a lot of talking over the Melvins, a bit of booing and a lot of disinterest from all parties. The cover is even a pretty good statement of how they felt on this tour. The White Zombie Ad is pretty funny but the whole thing is kinda hard to listen to and it's impossible to find so I wouldn’t bother.
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