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metal gigs in china

I was in China for 2 months in 2009, including 2 weeks in Beijing (1 in October, 1 in September). In September I saw Terror at Mao Live House and Kreator at a different venue a couple of days later. (I can't remember the name of the venue). In October on back to back nights at the Star Live House I saw Children of Bodom on Oct 22 and Arch Enemy on Oct 23rd. The censors posted the Arch Enemy show as Angela Gassow, but Arch Enemy posters were around town.These last 2 shows are posted on These 3 venues play metal in Beijing at least a few times a month. Lamb of God (2 shows), Firewind, Testament, Hatesphere are a few other bands that have played Star Live House. Finntroll is playing Mao Live House on Aug 23rd. There is plenty of metal in China. You don't here about it because they almost never post the setlists and the venues are small. They don't mosh very much and it drives the bands crazy. Go to China and catch a show!
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