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Originally Posted by kevindeets View Post
The crowd pretty much just watched in awe the whole set without moving. That's fine, though, because they needed to save their energy for what was about to happen next.
Uh, did you not see the huge-ass pit that formed during CAFO? I'm pretty sure a fight almost broke out between these two dudes but luckily it never happened. But yeah for the most part people were just chilling and taking in the music.

Originally Posted by fletchzer
I was surprised NJ got such a bad reaction in NYC - maybe it was just me but I kept hearing heckles like "go back to church", etc. between songs and when they finished. I thought they were great, and I love the intro they play now to start their sets.
Wow, really? Honestly, I was expecting a very lukewarm response for NJ as well but a lot of people seemed really into them, and of course Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste made people go crazy. I think there might have been a heckler or two but I was up front so I couldn't tell.
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