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Lysol (aka Melvins)
Released in 1992
Label: Boner

King Buzzo guitar, vocals
Joe Preston bass, backup vocals
Dale Crover drums, backup vocals

1. Hung Bunny
2. Roman Bird Dog
3. Sacrifice (Flipper cover)
4. Second Coming (Alice Cooper cover)
5. The Ballad of Dwight Fry (Alice Cooper cover)
6. With Teeth

Along with Bullhead and a few others this is one of the Melvins crowning moments. If you like the band Sleep you really need to listen to Hung Bunny and Roman Bird Dog, because those songs are Dopesmoker five years before that album was even recorded. The covers are all good but then it closes with one of my favorite Melvins songs; With Teeth. Such an awesome song and such an awesome video. This album gets the highest recommendation humanly possible.
Best Song: With Teeth
Rating: 5 out of 5
05/11 -- Ring of Honor
05/20 -- Weedeater
05/28 -- Sick of it All
06/03 -- Nadja(?)
06/10 -- Sunn 0)))
06/19 -- Nails
06/25 -- Madball
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