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Originally Posted by toolfansat View Post

The setlist was solid - the same as previous shows, except that the inevitable trimming has begun - "Methademic" was AWOL.
The trimming began a few shows ago.

The whole DJ thing is pretty disappointing and baffling to be honest:
-It gets Andrew W.K. a minimal amount of exposure. How many concert-goers are going to look up his material after the show, especially since he's not playing his own music live or on the PA?
-It's a waste of money to hire him because he's not doing anything that some random person working at the arena couldn't do.
-The 5 or so people in the audience who know who he is and are actually a little bit excited about him opening the show will be massively disappointed if they failed to read anywhere that he's only doing a DJ set.

My conclusion: Andrew W.K. is doing this for free (or peanuts) and hoping that his name gets out there despite him just being a D.J.

My second conclusion: Give me a live band damn it!

And yeah, Ozzy's singing...It didn't stop his 2010 solo show from being one of the best shows I saw and I'm sure Black Sabbath on the 14th will be just as good.
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