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Originally Posted by VoidFlame View Post
... and it's Heavy MTL, not Heavy Canada. As you probably know, most people in Quebec don't give a shit about canadian patriotism.

Anyway, pretty cool review dude! I wish I could have been there, but I had to make a choice between this and Osheaga.
I hear where yur coming from. Montreal is the metal capital of Canada and it always will be. But I just hate hearing that chant at every chance that Montrealers get, that's all. It carries over here in Ottawa too and its frickin annoying. I thought it kinda sucked that the national anthem that Zombie asked to hear was cut at the end for that. Id rather hear it completely in French than hear the Ole chant! Just my personal opinion.

Also forgot to mention that I got a shit ton of cool pics n vids too!! Running thru them far so good!

Thanks! Osheaga wasn't my thing at all, but looks like you had a great time according to your reviews. We'll hook up hopefully one day before you take off for school!
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