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Extreme Noise Terror - Damage 381
Released on July 27th, 1997
Label: Earache

Dean Jones - Vocals
Phil Vane - Vocals
Mark “Barney” Greenway - Vocals
Ali Firouzbahkt - Guitar
Lee Barrett - Bass
William A. “Was” Sarginson - Drums

1. Utopia Burns
2. Punishment Solitude
3. Icon of Guilt
4. Jesus on my Side
5. Cold World
6. Damage 381
7. Shallow Existence
8. Chaos Perverse
9. Crawl
10. Downside

This isn’t a Napalm Death release but an important piece of their history nonetheless. This is the album that Barney recorded with Extreme Noise Terror in the year that he left Napalm Death. It’s sort of funny that he was out of Napalm Death for less than a year, yet still managed to join another band and record an album with them. I’d imagine that it was mostly written when he joined and he probably left shortly after it was released. I also find it funny that Extreme Noise Terror had been around for fifteen years at this point, yet on the picture on the back cover Barney is front and center with the other members in the background. I guess Earache was trying to cash in on his name to move more units. The story has it that Barney left Napalm Death because he was unhappy with the way the band had moved away from grindcore in the mid-nineties. This album is defiantly grittier sounding than Napalm Deaths work at the time. I wouldn’t call it grindcore, just more hardcore than Napalm Death was. The production is pretty raw and the duel/triple vocal attack is something cool. The liner notes say there are three vocalists on the album but I don’t know who is who, except Barney. He does sound a lot angrier on this album than he does on any 1990’s Napalm Death albums. The only problem I have with this album is some of the songs are too long. With this style of music anything over two minutes is stretching it. It’s cool, check it out.
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