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Originally Posted by DisposableJustice View Post
Was it before or after that goddamn Paralyzer single, the one song I could not get away from, it was everywhere on TV and radio
Way before. In the mid-1990's they went by the name Rainbow Butt Monkey's. In late 1997 Primus was playing in Toronto with Limp Bizkit and Powerman 5000 opening. For whatever reason Limp Bizkit and Powerman 5000 couldn't make it, so Finger Eleven was added as a last minute replacement. They had just changed their name to Finger Eleven a few months before and didn't have much stuff so they still played a couple Rainbow Butt Monkeys songs. I don't even know if their first album Tip was out at this point.

Onto the booing, Limp Bizkit was just starting out and was still a buzz band at this time. They weren't the annoying anomaly they'd become in the years after. So a lot of people (myself included) really wanted to see them. Word got out in the line outside that Limp Bizkit weren't playing and people were mad. Finger Eleven went on and the booing started right off the bat. After four or five songs Finger Eleven basically said "fuck this" and got off the stage. Anyone else could've been on stage and gotten booed that night, people wanted to see Limp Bizkit. It just happened to be Finger Eleven and I'll always remember that night.
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