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Alice In Chains -- Darien Center, NY -- August 11th, 2013

Them Bones
Check My Brain
Man in the Box
It Ain't Like That
Love, Hate, Love
Down in a Hole
No Excuses

Well, after 21 years I finally got to see AIC again. For whatever reason they just never seem to play this area at all except for back in 2006 which I unfortunately missed for reasons I can't recall now. I'm surprised Stone wasn't played, I was really looking forward to hearing that riff live. Still, a very good performance by them and William Duvall is pretty good frontman. You can tell he really enjoys what he's doing on stage. It looks like they're changing up the set a little each night. I don't believe they've opened with Hollow before last night and It Ain't Like That and Love, Hate, Love were nice additions to the set. Voices sounded really good to so hopefully once they get back to touring on their own more new stuff will get played.

I'm not sure why they end with Rooster though. I know they flip between that and Would as their closers but Rooster is just a weak ender. Would is one of the best album closers of all time and it makes a perfect show closer since the show would end with a bang. The audience reacted well to Rooster but everyone was pretty defalted after Would. The crowd completely drowned out Jerry and William during that song.

Overall, it was a short but very good performance. If they do another North American headlining tour for this album I really need to make the effort to see them play a full show.
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