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Melvins -- Austin, TX -- August 9th, 2013

Ever since I was 14, I've been wanting to see the Melvins, and I finally got to last Friday...well worth the wait.

On the day of the show, I remembered I had work, so I got in, did my shift (while trying to find a ride on Craigslist - I found one relatively early), and headed to the show with two of my friends. We arrived just in time to buy some of the last fifty tickets left and miss about a third of Honky's set, but what we heard was badass. They went on around 9:00 and left around 9:45; exactly fifteen minutes later, the Melvins went on.

The Melvins have one of the strangest stage intros I've ever seen. They interrupted the PA music with a loud piercing noise before putting on Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf", distorting it before the end of the first verse, and launching straight into "Hag Me". From there on, they started playing songs from across their multiple albums, stopping only once during Roman Dog Bird to inform the audience that two people fighting in the pit wasn't cool. One other odd thing I noticed; the band would start a song, start another one halfway through, and then finish that first song before finishing the other one. Night Goat/Lizzy and Hung Bunny/Roman Dog Bird had this fate. Around an hour and a half later, the Melvins left the stage one at a time, gradually removing themselves from a Butthole Surfers cover before the drummers decided to stop playing. I managed to snag a setlist and head for the door before things got ridiculously overcrowded; thankfully I got my merch ahead of time (they had vinyls for $20 - I think, shirts for $20, posters for $10, necklaces for $5, and shirt/poster/sticker packages for $40).

Overall, this was an amazing show and was easily one of the best $20 I ever spent.


Hag Me
The War on Wisdom
We Are Doomed
Sweet Willy Rollbar
A Growing Disgust
Let it All Be
Your Blessened
Night Goat
Billy Fish
The Water Glass
Evil New War God
Hung Bunny
Roman Dog Bird
Graveyard (Butthole Surfers cover)
8/14 - Nine Inch Nails
9/16 - Prong
10/23-26 - HHFF
10/28 - Mike Watt
10/29 - Melvins
11/7 - 7 Seconds

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