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Finger Eleven- The Grayest of BLue Skies

"First Time" (Anderson, Black, Lanni, Rick Jackett) 4:26
"Drag You Down" 3:21
"My Carousel" 3:43
"Sick of It All" 3:18
"For the Ocean" 2:56
"Broken Words" 3:27
"Suffocate" 3:44
"Bones + Joints" (Black, Lanni) 3:47
"Famous" 4:08
"Walking in My Shoes" (Martin Gore) 3:52
"Stay and Drown" (Anderson, Black, Lanni, Sean Anderson) 4:23

Haza another Canadian band

This is another case of loved the single, didn't even listen to the rest; the single here is Drag You Down, and it was my addiction for about 2 months. It was slow, dark and had really deep lyrics like "Someone's going to have to pull me under before I drag you down". Really makes you think

Anyway, I lost interest in the band and they haven't really hit my radar at all. But I do give this album credit for digging for more out of the way bands that weren't always playing 24/7 on MTV

today's score 3/10
07/02-Guns N Roses
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