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The Goddamn Gallows -- Winchester, CA -- August 10th, 2013

Venue: The Bum Steer
Source: me

I found out a few weeks ago that The Goddamn Gallows were playing a free show at the Bum Steer in Winchester and hit up as many people as I could about it. I left with 4 friends towards the venue a little after 8 and my car started having problems. Whenever its time to change the oil filter, my car won't let me drive above 60 mph or it will stall on me. It was too late to figure out getting another car, so I slowly drove the 60 miles out to the bar. After hitting traffic, I arrived at the bar a little after 930. I was going to pregame for a bit, but decided I wanted to find xdoomsayer and oraclesofagony and another friend first. I walked in and found them and talked for a few minutes, then as I was heading towards the bathroom, Jayke Orvis came out of nowhere and gave me a hug. I was completely shocked to see him there. I asked what he was doing and he said his show that night got cancelled so he was added to the show tonight and that he was going to go on in about 15 minutes. I went and grabbed my friends so they could see Jayke's set. This was the third time I got to see Jayke perform this week and it was definitely the biggest crowd for him. I was bummed he didn't play Raise the Moon again, but he still played an awesome 40 minute set. I was really happy he busted out Streets. I was surprised he played that since it has a guitar solo that only James knew how to play. It sounded awesome though.

Yankee Taste
Crooked Smile
Bound to Ride (Ralph Stanley)
Kaw Liga (Hank Williams)
Feelings Like This
Dirty ol' Pines
Lead Me Astray

Up next were The Calamity Cubes. They were just as awesome tonight as they were in Santa Cruz. I had fun singing along to all their songs next to Baby G from Goddamn Gallows. I requested for Bottoms the Limit to be played and they did it, so I was pretty happy about that. They unplugged their equipment for the last song and played it in the middle of the crowd. I couldn't recognize it again.

Anchors Way
Bottoms the Limit
Empty Bottle

The Goddamn Gallows went on at midnight and played for an hour. They got to play their full setlist this time. I seriously had to much fun rocking out with my friends. I lost my voice during In League with Satan. They played pretty close to the same setlist as the other night, but I didnt mind. I grabbed their setlist that was written on porn

47 Crosses
Ghosts of the Rail
Y'All Motherfuckers Need Jesus
7 Devils
Save Yourself
What was the High?
Load Your Guns
The Maker
Ragz N Bones
Rag Time Sinner
Pass me The Bottle
Gutterbilly Blues
Born to Lie
Waiting Around to Die
In League with Satan (Venom)
Howlin' Wind

It was a great time!
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