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Wintersun -- New York, NY -- August 8th, 2013

Got to the venue just as Starkill ended so I didn't get to see them. Arsis was up next and they were great! I've been wanting to see them for a while now and they were definitely a main factor in deciding to go to this show. They didn't disappoint and the crowd seemed into them too. My only complaint was that they didn't play anything off of We Are The Nightmare but still a good set for the half hour allotted to them. Setlist is below. After Arsis was Fleshgod Apocalypse who I've heard good things about as well. They have a unique sound to them and were pretty good live. I am not really familiar with their material so I don't know the setlist but it all sounded pretty good. After a while Wintersun took the stage and the place went nuts. It had to be pretty close to sold out cause it was quite packed and like everyone in attendance was yelling every lyric. Definitely made for an epic show. The band sounded great and played for maybe an hour and half. They played a new song too, off the upcoming Time II album, called "The Way Of The Fire". All in all a fun show to see. I recommend it to anyone on the fence about going. I almost didn't go as I bought a ticket that morning, but I'm quite glad I did. Setlists below:

Handbook For The Recently Deceased
A Diamond For Disease
Seven Whispers Fell Silent
Carve My Cross
The Face Of My Innocence

When Time Fades Away
Sons Of Winter And Stars
Land Of Snow And Sorrow
Beautiful Death
Darkness And Frost
Death And Healing
Battle Against Time
Beyond The Dark Sun
The Way Of The Fire
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