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The Deluge - Manilla Road

2.Shadow In The Black
3.Divine Victim
4.Hammer Of The Witches
5.Morbid Tabernacle
6.Isle Of The Dead
7.Taken By Storm
8.The Deluge
9.Friction In Mass
10.Rest In Pieces

Released In 1986

Manilla Road is yet another one of the many classic power metal bands in the history of the genre.Their previous album Open The Gates was truly a masterpiece, and with an album such as good as that one was it would almost be impossible to follow up with one that is just as good if not better.Well, this album definitely isn't better, and it probably might be weaker in some areas, but this is a great record nonetheless.The vocals probably are probably the main weak point I would say, just not being as good as on the previous album, but the guitars are as incredible as ever.Highlights include fantastic opener choice "Dementia", the spooky "Shadow In The Black", and the speed metal-esque "Taken By Storm".


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