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Whitesnake -- San Francisco, CA -- August 9th, 2013

Got to the Warfield as Red Line Chemistry(opener) was playing. i only knew that song "Dumb Luck" which they didnt play, so fuck them haha.

Whitesnake came on around 9:30, Played till about 10:50.

Coverdale sounded pretty damn great,was hitting all the screams, blowing the crowd away...for about..80% of the set. which is more then i expected. the songs are tuned down a bit, the band is def louder then his vocals (also expected), but despite the haters..he fucking rocked

There were a lot of long drum and guitar solos and when he introduced the band it must of taken 5 good minutes. but being that he is at the tail end of his career after 35 killer years of Whitesnake we can all understand, his voice needs extra rest throughout the night if he wants to keep doing this a few more years.

Overall, I Had a Kickass Time!!!


1. Give Me All Your Love
2. Ready An Willing
3. Love Aint No Stranger
4. Is This Love
5. Gambler
6. Love Will Set You Free
-- Doug Aldrich/Reb Beach solo ~15min
7. Steal Your Heart Away(Ft. Coverdale's Son which was really cool)
-- Tommy Aldrich Drum Solo ~5min
8. Forevermore
9. Slide It In/Slow N Easy (about 2 min of each song)
-- Coverdale's Voice Goes
10. Bad Boys
11. Here I Go Again
12. Still Of The Night
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