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Sevendust -- Toledo, OH -- August 9th, 2013

A local band called Illumira played first, followed by a band called Nothing More. Both bands were solid hard rock bands worth a listen.

Sevendust headlined. I had heard rumors that this album may be their last. I met the band before the show, and John said, "You know what they say... rumors are rumors." That sounds like good news to me! This was a pretty standard setlist w/ a few cool surprises. The highlight was definitely "Got a Feeling." That is one of my favorite tunes on their new record. Also, in the middle of the set they played the opening riffs of "Disgrace" followed by the first verse & chorus of "Home." I haven't heard them play that song since the HOME tours circa 2000. They dedicated "Praise" to the motorcycle riders in the crowd. Before the encore Clint & LJ came out and played the beginning of Marilyn Manson's version of "Sweet Dreams." I'm not a Manson fan at all, but that was kinda cool. "Face To Face" is pretty much the best closer in the history of closing songs. They've used that song as a closer every time I've seen them since 2004, and it never gets old. What a jam! Another fantastic show from Sevendust. They're my favorite band. Setlist:

Till Death
Got a Feeling
Angel's Son
Disgrace/Home (partial)
Strong Arm Broken
Sweet Dreams (partial)
Face To Face
5/1 Contortionist
5/13 HB
7/12 311
7/29 Slipknot
8/12 Deftones
8/13 KsE
8/21 KoRn
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