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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
not rare yuh? How about you try to find Wings Of Tomorrow, Hall Of The Mountain King, Nightfall In Middle-Earth, or Rest In Sleaze (the albums I want) in a record store here in Georgia.Georgia has no record stores that sell underground metal/rock albums, at least none that I've found.

And I know that the CDs I want are not expensive, but all my income comes from my birthday, Christmas, and an occasional paying gig, so that's the only time I am able to buy CD's (except for when my parents decide to buy some for me if the CDs are low priced at a Walmart or Best Buy).Using iTunes is the only way I can get a sure fire album right when I purchase it.Now, when the album I want isn't on iTunes (like Rest in Sleaze), then there is a problem.

When I order from Amazon (using their free shipping) it takes 1-2 days for me. I'm lucky because I live near their processing plant in Canada, but I'm sure it's quite similar in the US.
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