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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Yeah, this. Seriously, nothing you buy is remotely rare or expensive. And online it's probably even cheaper than in stores.
not rare yuh? How about you try to find Wings Of Tomorrow, Hall Of The Mountain King, Nightfall In Middle-Earth, or Rest In Sleaze (the albums I want) in a record store here in Georgia.Georgia has no record stores that sell underground metal/rock albums, at least none that I've found.

And I know that the CDs I want are not expensive, but all my income comes from my birthday, Christmas, and an occasional paying gig, so that's the only time I am able to buy CD's (except for when my parents decide to buy some for me if the CDs are low priced at a Walmart or Best Buy).Using iTunes is the only way I can get a sure fire album right when I purchase it.Now, when the album I want isn't on iTunes (like Rest in Sleaze), then there is a problem.
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