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Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory

1. "Papercut"
2. "One Step Closer"
3. "With You"
4. "Points of Authority"
5. "Crawling"
6. "Runaway"
7. "By Myself"
8. "In the End"
9. "A Place for My Head"
10. "Forgotten"
11. "Cure for the Itch"
12. "Pushing Me Away"

On my last post I said that I thought Disturbed's Sickness was one of the best debt albums; this is another one

I had a bad taste for the metal/rap mix up from listening to Limp Bizkit and when I heard LP would be doing the same thing I vowed not to get near it; well I did and I loved it

What I like about LP is the two vocalist system with Mike rapping and Cheater belting out the screams and singing. The music was hard and heavy and a whole lot of fun. Almost every song has its own feel and taste and made me a huge LP fan for about 4 years; I'll get to Meteora here down the road but those two album hold a place in my top 50 of all time

It is a shame, like a lot of posters here I felt like everything went down hill after Meteora and I don't even know who the hell this people are calling themselves LP today. But at least they gave us one hell of a starter album

Today's score 9/10
10/29-King Diamond/Exodus
11/7-Machine Head
11/11-Blind Guardian
11/21-Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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