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I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring:
Ignorant people
Yuppies/stuck-up people
Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/Other Discrimination (which could be tied in with the first two)
Fake people
The Green Bay Packers
The New York Yankees
The Montreal Canadiens
The Detroit Red Wings
The San Antonio Spurs
A number of athletes (far too many to name)
ESPN First Take (Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are the biggest morons in sports reporting)
Modern Country Music
Power Metal
Tongue rings
Fancy beer (IPA's, craft brews, etc. I understand they are well-made and "better" than the crap that I drink, but I just can't stand them.)
People who smoke weed and think they're a badass for doing so
Wes Anderson
David Lynch
Terrence Malick
Getting water up my nose
Most frat boys/sorority girls
6/18 Bane
7/5 letlive.
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