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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
Great review.

Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
indeed !

I was fortunate enough to have seen them on their 1999 reunion and it was magical (much better than when I saw them in 1986 with Ray Gillen ) so I don't feel I need to see them anymore but if this would have hit Montréal I would have gone for sure

Cheers !
Haha, wow, you saw them with Ray Gillen? I bet that was a bit interesting. I'm totally jealous you saw the 1999 reunion tour. I'm sure Ozzy was slightly more with it then, and of course, Bill was still in

Originally Posted by Phil709 View Post
Does Ozzy even know what pitch is? I've always questioned Ozzy's technical knowledge of music. Can anyone discuss this? I mean, from what I remember in his book, Ozzy was just some dude from Birmingham who didn't want to become a typical working-class citizen of England, so he claimed he could sing, posted an ad, and was lucky enough to be recruited by Iommi and Butler.

He has a distinctive voice for sure and is decent enough at singing. In his book he says his contributions to the music of Black Sabbath was coming up with the melodies for the songs but how good is he technically if at all?
I don't ascribe any technical knowledge to Ozzy at all. I just think that at some points right now he seems to have some serious trouble hearing the music, and as a result, his singing is even more off-pitch than normal. I'm just basing on that it sounds to me like someone trying to sing without being able to properly hear. Most of the guys in Black Sabbath don't have much technical musical knowledge. Tony kinda speaks to that in his book too.

Originally Posted by Coma323 View Post
Haha you spoke too soon, they didn't play it last night in CT.
Wow, I guess I called that one Not that it was too surprising though... Even with Dio the Sabbath sets tended to get shorter by a song or two as the tour wore on. But "Methademic" seemed really tough for Ozzy.
2/24 - The Foundry
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