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I feel like throwing in my $0.02 for the albums I am familiar with

Kid Rock - This album was so awesome, for its time. I didn't listen to the whole thing for a year or two, only the singles (yeah, I was THAT kid), but I loved it. This ended up being the only Kid Rock album I ever cared about since History of Rock was very MEH and and I thought Cocky just sucked. Cowboy was one of my favorite songs for the longest time

Cold - I was never into this band, but I remember one song called "Stupid Girl", I think, and I remember really liking it and WANTING to get into them, but never put forth the effort to check them out.

Spineshank - YES. Spineshank was the shit. I think the first time I heard them was on the soundtrack for a snowboarding video game demo, forget which one, but I played the shit out of it and heard the song over and over and over. Ended up getting this album, and then my friend got me the following one for my birthday, which we rocked so much. Really fun band for their time, I need to revisit them sometime soon.

KoRn "Follow the Leader" - This was probably my favorite KoRn album that they released. "Freak on a Leash" was always on MTV and always on the radio, and I loved it, as well as their other singles from this album. Much like Kid Rock, I never listened to the ENTIRE album for the longest time, but after doing so I loved the album even more and even found some songs that weren't hits that I highly enjoyed.

KoRn "Issues" - Sadly, I never got into this album. I was more into the multiple album covers (I had the one of the drawing of them in the insane asylum) than I was the actual music. I am not sure what it was, maybe I got into it around the time that my tastes started to change to more (at the time) intense music (Slipknot, etc). It still had its moments though, but not as memoriable to me as "FTL" was.

Papa Roach - I got this album the same time I got Disturbed's debut album, and definitely listened to this one more than Disturbed. My love for them started when my brother gave me a 2 song sampler he got from a concert which had (I think) "Dead Cell" and "Last Resort" on it. So many great songs on this album, and one of the first CD spine stickers that I put on the glovebox door of my dads VW Bug (still there to this day!)

Limp Bizkit - Ah yes, The Chocolate Starfish, what a great album. I can never forget the first time I heard "Hot Dog" and my friend and I tried to count how many times Durst said "Fuck" in it, forgot the final count, but it was up there . I think I remember this more than the previous album due to the amount of singles on it. It sucks growing up and only listening to the popular tracks and being too scared to venture into the more "obscure" songs, but this one had so many good songs on it that I think I listened to the entire thing all the way through, no questions asked. I just found my copy of it in my garage a couple days ago... wonder if it still works!
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