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Six Songs
Released on March 11th, 1986
Label: C/Z Records

Buzz Osborne – guitar, vocals
Matt Lukin – bass, vocals
Dale Crover – drums

1. Easy As It Was
2. Now a Limo
3. Grinding Process
4. At a Crawl
5. Disinvite
6. Snake Appeal

The Melvins debut EP/album came out over the years in various incarnations. But whatever versions you’ve heard it was all recorded at the same time. Just with a different amount of songs. So why bother with this version when you can get a later version with more stuff?
Best Song: Snake Appeal
Rating: 2 out of 5
02/04 -- Napalm Death
02/20 -- Swans
03/07 -- Video Games Live
03/20-21 -- Trois-Rivière Metalfest
07/06 -- U2
08/22 -- Motley Crue
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