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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
35k was what I heard from a friend who tried to book Death Angel for a one-off gig. I also recall Exodus charging somewhere around 20-25k six years ago when they did the Tidal Wave Festival in SF about five years ago, a couple years before Gary Holt was able to ride the Big 4 wave and make Exodus really popular again. You're a promoter so I'll take your word that you're more informed than I am, but I would frankly be extremely unsurprised at 30k for a band like Death Angel or Exodus, just for the fact that both of those bands have full crews to pay, feed and transport.
Maybe for a one off I could see that. Emphasis on the maybe, and that's huge maybe.

But I know for a fact Death Angel does not ask for that much for normal tour dates. It's usually around 2K
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