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Amaranthe -- West Chester, PA -- July 18th, 2013

Full Review

a bit late, but work's been a bitch and been on holiday too.

We went up to See "Dance Metal" Amaranthe at the closest stop to the DC/MD/VA area- West Chester PA.

Kobra and the Lotus opened up and sounded great. Def recommended for fans of classic metal!

Amaranthe sounded fabulous (if you like their odd mix of clean, harsh, and clean vocals, synth, dance music, and gothenburg metals)- totally worth the trip, but they did play a short set (1hr)

(I lost my notes for Kobra and the Lotus, so this is an approximation, I can't recall the other song titles except for 50 ... I imagine they played a similar set as the other dates)

Kobra and the Lotus (8:30ish- 9ish) (includes...)
  • Welcome to my funeral
  • sanctuary
  • 50 Shades of Evil

Amaranthe (9:26- 10:30)
  • Invincible
  • Leave Everything Behind
  • 1.000.000 Lightyears
  • Serendipity
  • Afterlife
  • Infinity
  • Drum Solo
  • Burn With Me
  • Mechanical Illusion
  • It's All About Me (Rain)
  • The Nexus
  • Amaranthine
  • Call Out My Name
  • Automatic
  • Hunger
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