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Arsis - A Celebration of Guilt
Technical Melodic Death Metal

Death metal is a genre that has become over saturated as of late. Bands of the genre that boast about being technical, while indisputably talented at their respected instruments, are basically just masturbating those instruments in order to force every note to cum outwards, leaving the listener unimpressed, unfazed, and ultimately un-infatuated with the genre of Death metal due to the lack of creative song writing and structure. However, Arsis debut LP "A Celebration of Guilt" is a glorious exception to this trend of late. Arsis shows the ignorant plebs in Brain Drill how Technical Death Metal is truly done. The riffs are extremely technical while maintaining structure and substance as all decent music should have. The riffs are relentless, bludgeoning while still requiring a fair amount of solid musicianship AND maintaining substance? WHAT MORE DO YOU ASK FOR? The rest of the band, drums, rhythm, bass are able to meet the technicality and make one hell of an album.

Arsis bleeds technicality, substance, melody, songwriting, and catchiness (Yes, it is still catchy as hell while remaining technical) into one metal masterpiece that should not be ignored.
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