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Statement from Gama Bomb:

We regret to announce that, due to events beyond our control, we've been forced to cancel our upcoming tour of the USA and Canada.

A series of disasters around our visa applications have put us in a position where we simply can't make the tour happen.

We're gutted, and we want to apologise to everyone who's bought tickets or made plans to come see us.
On the upside we're already discussing how and when to make a US tour work (for real this time), and will be back Stateside soon.

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
How much were tickets?
$22.50 before fees, and $27.75 after. It was pretty cheap in the first place (though it looks like it was only $15 for some of the US shows), which is why I know it won't drop if Artillery comes on their own, but logically, if you have one less headliner, it should cost less.
12/5 - Phantom
12/17 - Havok
12/23 - TSO
1/13 - Enforcer, Warbringer, Cauldron, Exmortus
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