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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
Fixed. Goes for most of you uptight assholes.
Doesn't apply to the ones about "people who only listen to chart hits". I actually hate when people have no appreciation of the fact that other people enjoy things that aren't to their tastes and that's OK.

But I do hate the chart music thing too. It's not because chart hits are almost always songs I don't like. I hate that these people are a) that fucking lazy, and b) that closed off to what's out there.

Really though, the fact that they only listen to chart music is just a by-product I suppose. I'm sure they apply the same laziness and closed off attitude to other areas of their life as well, and it's those attitudes I guess we all hate. They just come onto our personal radar when it comes to the music thing because that's what we all care most about.

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