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Korn- Follow the Leader & Issues

1. "It's On!"
2. "Freak on a Leash"
3. "Got the Life"
4. "Dead Bodies Everywhere"
5. "Children of the Korn" (feat. Ice Cube)
6. "B.B.K." 3:56
7. "Pretty" 4:12
8. "All in the Family" (feat. Fred Durst)
9. "Reclaim My Place"
10. "Justin"
11. "Seed"
12. "Cameltosis"
13. "My Gift to You"

I'm doing a double album post, because I brought both albums on the same day

So August 2000 was a rollercoaster for me; my dad got divorced after a fucking month, thus I lost two really cool step-siblings in the process, I was just starting high school and all the shit that comes with that; on the plus side I had more freedom to buy what I wanted so there you go; thus a theory of mine comes into play; some music you get is linked to your mood or situation; needless to say I was pretty depressed at the time, thus teen angust....Korn is perfect for people who felt like me!

Anyway onto FTL; This was the shit for the past two years everyone was talking about it; I'm sure I saw the videos for Freak on a Leash and Got the Life about 1,000 times before I got the album. This month marks the 15th birthday of the album, and although I'm not a huge Korn fan anymore, this is still an album that holds up well today. The dark lyrics, the twin guitar attack (7-strings was like Jesus 15 years ago) plus so many people (read:teens) connecting to the lyrics, and I was hooked. I think this holds up today, I think some of the deeper cuts like Dead Bodies and My Gift are more enjoyable to listen to vs. FOAL and GTL which have been overplayed to death

Today's score 7/10

1. "Dead"
2. "Falling Away from Me"
3. "Trash"
4. "4 U"
5. "Beg for Me"
6. "Make Me Bad"
7. "It's Gonna Go Away"
8 "Wake Up"
9. "Am I Going Crazy"
10. "Hey Daddy"
11. "Somebody Someone"
12. "No Way"
13. "Let's Get This Party Started"
14. "Wish You Could Be Me"
15. "Counting"
16. "Dirty"

One thing I was not a fan of on FTL was the rap elements with Ice Cube and Fred Drust coming and sticking their asses in. Issues took that out and it was pure nu-metal madness. Issues to me hold up better today than FTL because of tracks like Falling Away, Someone, and Trash that, at least back then really punched you in the face; Let's put it this way, Issues is the one Korn album I would go see played if they ever did a full album tour of it

Today's score 8.5/10
08/28-Riot Fest
10/29-King Diamond/Exodus
11/7-Machine Head
11/11-Blind Guardian
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