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Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals -- Cleveland, OH -- August 6th, 2013

Venue: House of Blues
Source: Me

My buddy and I got free tickets to the show. I was going to pony up the $20+ for it anyways, but I'm not going to argue with free. After grabbing a couple beers we headed into the show.

Author & Punisher opened. I had never heard him before this tour but was intrigued to see him live after looking at a few YouTube videos. It's a one dude show and he has a bunch on machines/instruments at his disposal. A drum beat trigger for his right hand, a synth for his left hand and a huge vocoder. The music was industrial/drone, which I love. In the vain of Godflesh, Nine Inch Nails and Greymachine. My issue was there was really no variation with any of the songs. I appreciate what he was doing and was glad I saw him live, but I don't think I could get into it.

Warbeast were next and they were pretty fun. A little cheesy but the lead guitar player and drummer were great. They played about 45 minutes. In the middle of one of their songs, Phil came out with a joint and held it up for the guitarist and lead singer to hit.

Next up was Phil. I never got to see Pantera back in the day so I was really pumped to hear that he would be playing some Pantera songs, along with some other covers. When I first heard his solo album, I thought it was one of the fiercest albums I'd ever heard, but there really wasn't anything for me to grab onto that would make me want to listen to it multiple times. Seeing the solo material live changed my mind. It was awesome!

1. Music Media Is My Whore
2. Battalion of Zero
3. Betrayed
4. Usurper Bastard's Rant
5. Walk Through Exits Only
6. Conflict
7. Death Rattle (Pantera cover)
8. Fuck Your Enemy (Superjoint Ritual cover) - with comedian and black metal hater Dave Hill on guitar
9. Bedroom Destroyer
10. Bedridden
11. Family, "Friends" and Associates
12. Irrelevant Walls and Computer Screens
13. Domination / Hollow (Pantera cover)
14. United and Strong (Agnostic Front cover)
15. Wrecked Like Clockwork (Arson Anthem cover)

This show was fun as hell. During one of the songs, the Warbeast guitarist threw on a Browns shirt and stage dived into the crowd. I felt bed for the people who had to catch him because he looks a lot like Kevin Nash, just a little shorter. Phil was hilarious (as usual). We got a Browns chant going in the crowd and Phil said he always loves the underdog and showed his love for our team.

Check out the tour if you can. You will not be disappointed.

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