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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Well if that's the argument, then it's a weak one. Case in point, their new drummer. He isn't a metal drummer at all, but he's undeniably a fucking beast, and I for one think Baroness is lucky to have him. His playing style added a lot of appeal to the songs for me.

Oh, and Baroness isn't exactly your typical metal band, either.

EDIT: I think I need to head back over to the "Things You Hate" thread and put the word "boxes" in there, as in pigeonholing things and putting labels on them just so one can wrap one's mind around it more easily. Puh-leeze.
Well I haven't seen them live with this lineup yet I'm only going by YouTube clips so maybe my opinion will change of the new bassist after I see them. It's not about being 'metal' or not, I know his chops are good it's just a matter of style/preference. I know the other bassists they've had were finger style also but Baizley played bass on Yellow and Green with a heavier pick style and I like the sound/style of it.

The new drummer I already know is killer as I'm a big Trans Am fan as well. Either way it's great to see them back on the road and I'm looking forward to finally seeing them again. Now if they can just get their asses to headline here!
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