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Godflesh -- Salt Lake City, UT -- November 22nd, 1996

I was trying to find reviews of Godflesh live but didn't see any on this site (except for brief mentions in MDF threads) so I thought I would contribute what I can remember of when I saw them. As far as I can tell the 1996 tour for Songs of Love and Hate was the last time they played in the US except for MDF.

Sterile Prophet
Circle of Shit
Crush My Soul
Time, Death and Wastefulness
Anything Is Mine
Christbait Rising
Like Rats

It was a rainy night in Salt Lake City and I was excited beyond belief to see Godflesh, probably my favorite band of the '90s. A friend and I drove down from Pocatello, Idaho, a nowhere town about 160 miles to the north and we were quite alarmed to finally find the venue only to be told the concert had been moved to another venue. We found that and it ended up being in the basement in a rather small room. Godflesh was nowhere to be seen and we heard that they had been delayed by snow in Colorado and might not even show up at all. We had gone this far and we stuck it out and are glad we did.
Godflesh took the stage and sounded great, although it was a little weird hearing Justin live without all the voice processing they normally use. The songs were more or less straight renditions of the album versions, which disappointed me a bit since Godflesh's songs have some room for improvisation. The bass was booming and the sound wasn't terrible despite it having every right to be with the layout of the room.
They started with three straight from the then new album Songs of Love and Hate and then did a seemingly random selection of songs up to the end, closing with two tracks from the mighty Streetcleaner album. I was very disappointed in the setlist as it didn't have the actual song Streetcleaner, which was my favorite at the time and a lot of my favorites from Selfless and Slavestate were not played.
I stayed on the fringe of the crowd, away from the moshing as I had broken my toe in a Megadeth mosh pit and was always wary of them after that. I always wonder how people can mosh to slow music but most people in the audience did not wonder, they just did it.
After the show was great though, as Justin signed my Songs of Love and Hate CD booklet despite my being an idiot and not even having a pen. I was surprised at how happy and upbeat he seemed when talking to him, seemed like a very nice guy while I stood like an idiot, completely unable to express how much his music meant to me. His personality seemed completely at odds with the music, but maybe he was just on something
Overall, the concert didn't live up to my expectations but then they were probably impossibly high. Any disappointment was made up for by meeting Justin in person and seeing he was a really nice guy. Hope all goes well for the upcoming short US tour in November, I will be there in Portland
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