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Originally Posted by dimmudan View Post
Yeah I was lucky enough to see Metal Church on the Blessing In Disguise tour with Mike Howe.

They were superb and definitely one of the most underrated metal bands of that era. Great musicians and intelligent lyrics.

The Human Factor was superb too and never got its just due in my opinion.
That's beyond awesome. Blessing in Disguise is a great record barring the production. It's worth buying for the majesty and godliness of Fake Healer alone. The Human Factor is my favorite Metal Church album, just edging out the first one. I love the lyrics on that album too, they're thought provoking and heavy without being verbose. And yes, everyone who's ever been in Metal Church are world class musicians. Kirk Arrington alone is one of the most inventive drummers in metal history IMO. Apparently his snare and kick hits on The Dark were replaced with samples, but if you listen to it his sheer power and force come through anyway. That is fucking amazing. Mike and Dave are also two of the best American metal singers ever and Ronny can sing both of them well. That is also fucking amazing.


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