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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Yeah, I know it was a joke. I had a few drinks last night and posted while under the influence. I'm mostly just annoyed that my original post got taken down because of some cartoon boobies. I love Keswick jokes, now more than ever since I've become a resident!
How long have you been here? I moved from Whitby just a little over a year ago. Some days I go to Walmart and see some people and wonder to myself, "how have you survived on your own for this long?".

You'd think living so near to Oshawa for so much of my life I'd be used to it but it's a different kind of person in Keswick. The way I see it is Keswick is like Oshawa's little brother, trying so hard to be like it but just never measuring up. Kinda like the brothers from Malcolm in the Middle. Oshawa is Francis, Keswick is Reece. Or maybe even somewhere between Reece and Dewey.
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