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I really like Wade Barrett, and I really like Prime Time Players, and Zack Ryder too...all irrelevant. It's such a travesty what the writing crew is doing to this company. They are really laying it on thick with in-ring banter tonight, I think we've seen one match so far, Ryback vs. Henry doesn't count it lasted 2 minutes then Ryback left and lost via count-out.

Now it's Tons of Funk vs. Wyatt's. I still don't give much a damn about the Wyatt's. I like the 2 other guys better than the main guy...they look like mass murderers which is neat. Looks like Tensai removed those Japanese letters off his face and grew a beard. I'm surprised the announcers are calling him Tensai...I thought the gimmick was Sweet T. Anyway, that was fast, what was that a 30 second match?