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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
Raw is not even an hour in so far tonight, and this is just EMBARRASSING in every sense of the word. Terrible McMahon/Daniel Bryan skit...Wade Barrett comes out to shave his beard?! And then he beats WB up, crowd reaction...silent. Match between RVD & ABD, RVD wins. Ricardo gets his ass beat by ABD?! Complete failure of a skit with Rhodes & Sandow, crowd reaction...silent.

Next up, Mark Henry vs Ryback.
Well, no one cares about the Barrett beatdown because they've completely buried the guy. If he was a hated heel that people wanted to see get the shit kicked out of him they might have cared. But WWE's shit booking has ruined him and the fans don't care about Wade. Which is really sad because when he debuted a couple years ago with The Nexus it looked like he was gonna be a top heel in the company for years to come.

As for the Sandow/Rhodes feud, it's getting booked ass backwards. Cody is supposed to be the face yet he's doing all this heel stuff. Attacking Sandow on the RAW after MITB and then tossing Sandows briefcase into the ocean makes Cody look like a sore loser. Despite what an unlikable asshole Sandow's character is supposed to be, he's coming across as the more sympathetic character in this feud so far. The crowd isn't sure who to cheer for here so they're just not responding.
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