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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
So i'm confused, you said you were doing 1999-present, but after your '99 album (Matrix Soundtrack) you did some 98 and 97 stuff. Was there something that I didn't read, because I are confused.
That's ok I knew this might be a bit confusing; what I am doing is going back to 1999, the year when I started listening to hard rock/metal; the albums may before 1999; what I am trying to do is show my journey from 1999 to now and how my tastes have changed. So some of the albums I will be doing maybe will be done before 1999, but I'm experimenting to go from year to year of my life (1999-present) and show you the albums that influenced me today

I hope that makes sense I appreciate the question
08/19-Slipknot/Lamb of God
08/28-Riot Fest
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