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Metal Church -- Hollywood, CA -- August 4th, 2013

In-fucking-credible performance. Metal Church, Orchid and Bolt Thrower are easily the top three shows I've now seen all year, and all three rank among the best I have ever seen.

Walked in during local band #3. No fucks given. Local band #4 was some generic Hispanic thrashbaby band. No fucks given. Local #5 was some power/thrash band with this awful singer who tried to do these really generic, out of key power screams all the damn time. They were beyond awful. After that band I found singer Ronny Munroe, and introduced myself (we had done an interview like months ago), and dude seemed genuinely excited to meet me which was super cool. He also gave me some nice compliments on the questions I asked back then. I bought him a beer like I promised at the end of our interview (when I said "If you ever make it out to LA I'll buy you a beer!" I didn't actually expect Metal Church to drop by before I turned 21 haha). He then actually suggested that we take a photo together, which I have never once encountered with a musician except Queensryche. Super nice guy, and I really hope I get to run into him again.

Last local was some melodeath band. Again, no fucks given. Metal Church finally went on at 11:10-ish and royally tore the Whisky to shreds. The place was packed wall to wall and everyone was going bonkershit. Ronny even told us that we were the best crowd that the band had in years and that we were even better than the European festival crowds. As for me, I lost my shit during literally every song. Ronny was on fire the whole set, dude was throwing in these crazy screams left and right. Guitarist Kurdt always had his super huge smile, and he and guitarist Rick were shredding. Drummer Jeff was also a monster, and performed nearly every single fill just like Kirk Arrington did. Kirk was a beast, as is Jeff. The venue fucking exploded for Ton of Bricks and the fast part of Beyond the Black and the band sounded especially mindblowing on Metal Church. Band did a hilariously short encore break and came back for Highway Star and Human Factor. They were onstage for about 70-75 minutes. A little short, but there were nearly no breaks in between the songs and the performance was just amazing overall. If they had done Date With Poverty my life would be complete.

1. Ton of Bricks
2. Start the Fire
3. A Light in the Dark
4. Fake Healer
5. Badlands
6. Gods of Wrath
7. Hitman
8. Watch the Children Pray
9. Beyond the Black
10. Metal Church
11. Highway Star
12. The Human Factor

Edit: Whoops, derped on the format. If a mod could fix that it would be much appreciated!

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