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I never buy DVD's/Blurays but I really wanted to see the Mass Effect feature length that came out called Paragon Lost. So, I bought it. It's okay. I love the series and to condense what is usually a forty hour experience into an hour and a half was pretty hard. So they did the best they could. I guess I can say that for a video game to movie adaptation it's really good. The animation is okay, the voice acting is a little grating and the music is non-existent. I really would've preferred a more synth-based soundtrack. Or even some tracks from the games just to tie it all in a little more. Unless there were some and I just didn't notice, but I don't think there was. I can't complain about the overall darkness of the movie because it was pretty bleak in the end. THe deaths of all the characters were a little predictable. I liked the ending but it dragged on a little too long. But I was surprised. I spent twenty five dollars on it and, to anyone interested, it's better as a movie that's on TV some night or something. It even seemed a bit designed for TV with the fades between some scenes.

If anything it gives me hope that more stories detailing the rest of the Mass Effect universe will come out some day.
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