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Black Sabbath -- Bristow, VA -- August 2nd, 2013

I'm surprised nobody posted this yet. This is the set list that Black Sabbath played on Friday 2 August 2013 at Jiffy Lube Live (formerly Nissan Pavilion) in Bristow, VA. Unfortunately it was on a Friday evening and so DC rush hour traffic was awful getting out to the venue. Sabbath started about 8:30 and played for about 2 hours. Andrew WK was the opener but he really just pressed play on a DJ set list and didn't actually perform.

War Pigs
Into The Void
Under The Sun/Every Day Comes And Goes
Age Of Reason
Black Sabbath
Behind The Wall Of Sleep
End Of The Beginning
Fairies Wear Boots
Rat Salad
drum solo by Tommy Clufetos
Iron Man
God Is Dead?
Dirty Women
Children Of The Grave
Paranoid (with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath intro)

As you can see, most of the set list came from the first 2 albums and the new one, 13. It's not every day you see a band play a bonus track live but they played Methademic. I've got videos uploading of some of these songs right now on YouTube, I'll try to add them once they're done.
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