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Econoline Crush- The Devil You Know

"Surefire" 3:35
"Sparkle & Shine" 3:42
"Deeper" 3:17
"Hollowman" 3:31
"Home" 3:11
"The Devil You Know" 4:26
"All That You Are (X3)" 3:41
"Burnt" 4:04
"Haven't Gone Away" 3:46
"Elegant" 3:39 \
"Razorblades and Bandaides" 5:42

I can already see you sitting at your computers, looking blankly at the screen, asking youself: WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE GUYS???? least everyone expect maybe our friends from Canada where this band hails

I actually got into this band through a video game. An awesome one at that called Sled Storm

This was one of my favorite games when I had the first Playstation, but this game was special at the time, in that if you put the game in a CD player and set the track to 20-25 you got to listen to the soundtrack, it was fucking mind blowing at the time; So Econoline Crush had this song that grabbed my ears:

That pushed me to get the Devil You Know, and I really enjoyed it; nothing heavy mind you just simple alt/industrial rock and maybe a bit borderline Christian rock. Most of the album is really good expect for a couple duds. I don't know if the band is still active according to wikipedia their last album was in 2008 but mentions tours in 2010, I'm wondering if anyone knows of this band and if you like 'em

Today's score: 7/10

Best tracks

Sparkle and Shine (album version):

10/29-King Diamond/Exodus
11/7-Machine Head
11/11-Blind Guardian
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