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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
It's a little known fact but AJ Styles was actually on the WWE roster for a cup of coffee in 2001. When the WWF bought WCW he was on their roster and his contract was bought with it. He was gone within six months and never made it past developmental, but he was there.

The rest of them, probably not. Daniels definitely not, he's too old. It really depends if one or two get pushed to get signed by CM Punk.
I knew that about AJ Styles. The story I heard was that the WWE did offer him a developmental deal back then but it would have required him to move and be away from his future wife at the time who was going to school for something. He decided to turn it down because he didn't want to do that. Maybe he thought he would get another chance with them after his woman graduated from college. Then TNA picked him up a year later and he has become to TNA what Sting was to WCW. The only way AJ Styles leaves TNA is if the company goes under.

I'm not sure who Punk would try to convince WWE to sign away from TNA? Because of their history in ROH maybe Austin Aries or Samoa Joe? Still, the WWE would have to act quick and get those guys on TV as soon as they could while both are still in their primes.
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