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Death Grips -- Chicago.IL -- Aug. 2nd, 2013

So I will no longer buy or support Death Grips in any way or form.

This was billed as a Lolla aftershow since the band is playing Lolla.

Doors were at 10pm and the show was at 11pm which I guess they had a unannounced DJ play.

The DJ played for a hour and 15 minutes! He was the fucking opener too! For like 10 minutes he played Harlem Shake too, not a remix or anything but just the song on repeat. No one seemed to like it except for like 10 people up front. Zach and I just stood by the bathrooms and talked until security made us move.

DJ gets done around midnight or so and they start to bring out DG's stuff and hang their backdrop. So their backdrop was a suicide letter that someone sent them. Made people feel uneasy actually.

12:30am comes around and the lights go out, the smoke starts and the opening music plays. Huge pit starts and it seems good. 5 minutes later its still going, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes still opening music going. After that they just put on like 3 DG songs and played them over the PA while keeping the smoke going and the lights flashing. Since I could see the side of the stage I knew they weren't playing offstage or anything.

Since I was standing on the side of the stage I saw security whisper something to a few people so i asked what was up and found out that Death Grips aren't in the building at all. The venue has no clue where they are and the band aren't telling the venue anything.

Soon people get pissed and we see people jump on stage and throw the mics and stands around, play the drums before flipping the drumset over, steal the water bottles, scream into the mic, stage dive, and tear half the backdrop off the wall.

Like 1:15am comes along and the lights come on and over the PA we here " As you can tell Death Grips aren't showing up. If you want to be mad at someone be mad at the band for not caring to show up or give us any info on what is going on. Fuck Death Grips. Full refunds will be returned so everyone will get their money back."

Right after this all we saw was people rip the drum set off the stage and take it into the pic and destroy Zach Hills drums into pieces. They fucking destroyed all of Death Grips gear. It was being smashed by everyone in the pit.

Since this happened Death Grips have no showed Lollapollza and been replaced by another band. The venue put out a thank you note for being cool about Death Grips being unprofessional pricks. I also found out this isn't the first time they've done something like this in Chicago either.

Also the venue put out that apprantly they were not informed on Death Grips joke because the band thought it'd be funny to book a sold out aftershow and not show or tell the venue anything. From what I've heard they were never even in the state to begin with. Also the venue and Lolla both seem mad about the Suicide Note backdrop.

It's bullshit that hours after the show starts that no one said it was cancelled.

Also if they didn't show up and the lolla and aftershow with the suicide note is some new PR hype then fuck them even harder.


It was still a fun night watching shit get smashed and chilling with Zach and Dan.

Story is also on Rolling Stones site and Pitchforks site.

Pics from Twitter of the smashings.

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