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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Tickets are selling like shit for the show i'm going to next sunday as well. I'm a little surprised by this because our local rock station plays the shit out of AIC, both new and old material. I thought for sure they would be able to draw better around here just based off that. I guess AIC isn't as popular as I thought even though they always seem to get a ton of hype.
They're just not that big. And I don't know anybody who would pay to see Jane's Addiction, their name precedes their music.
The AIC/Deftones/Mastodon tour filled small arenas, and in San Jose it didn't even quite sell out. I don't think JA/Coheed can even match what Deftones/Dong draw, plus all the other bands are basically moot because it's not a summer show and a lot of the shows are happening during the week.
3/10 Big Biz
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