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Y&T -- Santa Cruz, CA -- August 3rd, 2013

For the first time ever Y&T was playing at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for FREE as part of the Boardwalks free friday night concerts on the beach throughout the summer.

Y&T kicked some serious ass as they always do even though it was a much shorter set then their usual shows..but hey its free and its at a theme park i get it lol. but they are one of the most underrated rock n roll bands of the 80's. Dave Meniketti is a rock legend and a Guitar God.

there was one thing that did make the show unenjoyable tho. Security were cunts, there must of been 15 security guards and at least 5-10 armed cops. it was as if someone called in a bomb threat to the boardwalk. they were everywhere bitching at me and other people cause apparently its a rule YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO STAND DURING THE CONCERT! and they were constantly pacing the aisle in front of me so they kept obstructing the view. besides that Y&T RULED!

Y&T Played 2 Sets and im going off memory some might not be in order

Set #1
Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark
Dirty girl
Midnight In Tokyo
Summertime Girls
Rescue Me

1 Hour Break

Set #2
Black Tiger
Shine On
Dont Stop Running
Hard Times
Im Coming Home
Eyes Of A Stranger
Ill Cry For You RIP Phil Kennemore
Rescue Me(they wanted to play it again for fans who may have missed the first set)

overall it was an excellent night and lots of alcohol was consumed haha
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