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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
2010 tour: moderately successful
> Does another one

2013 tour: hugely successful
> Quits

Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

I'm sure it'll be just like last time and in three years all of a sudden there's another Avantasia tour.
Yeah I have no doubt that Avantasia will be back in the future. He said at the Quebec City show that he was quite optimistic that Avantasia would tour again. I think it's partly a matter of him needing to get back to Edguy and it being a good time for Wacken to have a special show for them. Hopefully he will be back for Wacken 2017, which is when I plan to attend (after I finish school )
4/24 - Skull Fist
5/3 - Dragonforce
5/16 - Cauldron
5/23 - Axxion, Night Demon
5/28 - Sepultura, Destruction
6/20 - Bolt Thrower
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