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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I think Low Ki may have gotten an OK reaction. He has wrestled for TNA before and he's a well known name on the independent scene and a lot of TNA fans follow that. Since they are yet again trying to re-build the X Division he would've been a nice addition to that and more importantly would've brought something to TNA unlike Ortiz.

It does suck that so many talented guys on the TNA roster will never get a chance at the big time. With the way Bryan and Punk have turned out it's very possible guys like AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels could be very successful in the WWE. Bobby Roode and James Storm could make a good name for themselves to if Vince singed them and used them right. The problem with all these guys is their age. Daniels is 40 and the other guys are in their mid 30s now. I'm not sure if the WWE would wanna take a chance on any of them because of that if they had the opportunity. They would all no doubt spend some time down in WWE developmental before they came up with a character and storyline to bring them up to the main roster. By then these guys would be getting a bit older.
It's a little known fact but AJ Styles was actually on the WWE roster for a cup of coffee in 2001. When the WWF bought WCW he was on their roster and his contract was bought with it. He was gone within six months and never made it past developmental, but he was there.

The rest of them, probably not. Daniels definitely not, he's too old. It really depends if one or two get pushed to get signed by CM Punk.
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